There are numerous benefits when considering permanent teeth replacement. Find out more about dental implants near you.

1. Natural appearance, feel, and function — a set of strong and durable implants look and function similar to a healthy set of teeth. High quality natural looking crowns are fastened to the implanted structure. You can chew and eat all the foods you want with the implant-supported bridges even as you have the best of smiles.

2. Long Life — 5 to 7 years is the maximum traditional bridges will last needing a replacement after the period. Implants, on the contrary, can last you for a lifetime with just routine care.

Advantages of Dental Implants

3. No Fear of Public Embarrassment — the implant inserted into your mouth is permanent and almost becomes a natural part of your mouth. You do not have the fear any embarrassments because of an unnatural smile, or a risk of the dentures falling out of your mouth in public when eating, talking or laughing.

4. No Bone Loss — traditional dentures leave the tooth sockets vacant which can result in damaging effects such as bone resorption. However permanent dentures will encourage bone growth due to osseointegration.

5. Retention of A Natural Smile And Face Contours — loss of bone in the jaw can distort your facial contours and adversely affect your smile. Implant supported bridges can prevent this occurrence to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

6. Night-Time Removal Not Necessary — Traditional dentures need to be removed after eating and during the night. Implant supported teeth are similar to natural ones and will remain in your mouth permanently.

7. No Problems With Storage — dentures must be stored in a special soaking solution whenever they are removed. Implants, however, require no such specialized care.

8. No Handling Care — dentures are made from acrylic and have the potential to break or crack when they fall on a hard surface. Therefore they need to be handled carefully when they are not placed in the mouth. Implants require no such care because the need for removing them from the mouth never arises.

Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

9. Speak Normally — with removable dentures you may have difficulties speaking naturally during the initial few days. Implants are no different from normal natural ones and will, therefore, cause no hindrance when speaking at any point.

10. No Cavities — the problem of cavities occurring in implant supported ones is eliminated. Following simple hygiene practices along with routine visits to the dentist can help you to keep the implants healthy and shining.

11. Highly Reliable — after being inserted the implants require virtually no repairs with the exception of getting them re-tightened occasionally.

Permanent Teeth Replacement

You have the option of getting a single molar replaced with the help of a single implant or an entire set fit it permanently over the jaw. In some cases, as few as four implants can improve and replace your missing natural ones. Arrangements such as these are known as all on four bridge. A prerequisite for this treatment is a healthy bone structure which is sufficient to hold the implants against stresses (such as chewing). However, if there is a deficiency of bone in the jaw it can be grafted into place.

The same is also true of gum flesh which shields the implants for aesthetic purposes. Implants are generally not advised for diabetics because of their porous bones and therefore consultation with your physician about this option is recommended.