Living without a strong set of teeth is, at best, an unpleasant experience. Broken and missing teeth greatly impacts the way you eat, speak and relate to others. It also affects your facial aesthetics in addition to harming the overall quality of your smile. Regardless if you need partial or complete dentures, we can help you attain a beautiful smile again so you can continue to enjoy your active lifestyle. Continue reading to understand everything you may want to know about this subject.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures, which are also known as complete dentures, are the most commonly used when most or all of the teeth in each jaw needs to be replaced. With few natural teeth remaining they also need to be removed in order to ensure there is enough space in your mouth to accommodate the denture.

What Are They?

They consist of a set of false teeth — generally 14 on a gum colored acrylic base which is customized to fit snugly on your gums. The objective is to cover the palate and the gums and therefore the fitting becomes extremely important. This is because of a couple of reasons — the denture shouldn’t cause any irritation to your mouth and they also need to remain in place because of the suction.

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