Partial Dentures Replace Missing Teeth

Partial prosthetics can restore the function that is missing when we lose teeth. They are essential for eating solid foods, verbalizing properly, and also to convey feelings with a lovely smile. Oral health, likewise, has an impact on a person’s overall health or well-being. However, unfortunate incidents can take place such as losing a tooth or several through extraction, sickness, accident, or from sustained poor oral health.

The extraction results in gaps that are embarrassing and unpleasant to look at. Our skilled dentists can provide you with plenty of treatment options using partial dentures or bridges, regardless if you have lost only one of your natural ones or almost all of them. Depending on how many are missing and have to be restored, the restorations can be either complete (traditional) or partial. Partial dentures bring back your capability to chew and eat, as well as to improve your smile. They also retain your facial contours, lower susceptibility for gum disease, and restrain shifting of the teeth. Additionally, they help to release extreme stresses on the jaw.

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