Price of Dental ExtractionTooth extraction is a typical oral surgery procedure that you will encounter at some point in their lifetime. It is a necessary treatment for the following:

  • Removal of wisdom teeth
  • Excessive decay
  • Teeth crowding
  • Infection
  • To make space for the teeth to properly move into its desired alignment
  • For chemotherapy and organ transplant patients who need damaged teeth removed

This tooth extraction procedure is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon that starts by using a local, general or IV anesthesia to help numb the area. It is a relatively easy procedure that is done quickly as an outpatient procedure. However, if the tooth has impacted, broken off, or below the gum line it will need a longer surgical procedure.

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How much is a tooth extraction?

Cost for tooth extraction ranges from $65 to $300 for a simple gum-erupted extraction. Surgical extraction with Anesthesia cost between $125 and $650. Soft-tissue or complicated surgical removal for broken teeth cost around $175 and $600.
These can be affordable as dental insurance helps pay for tooth extraction.

The cost of Teeth Extraction General Dentistry is determined by:

  • Location of the tooth
  • Anesthesia when needed
  • Complexity – is it impacted or broken off below the surface?

Additional costs may include:

  • Diagnostic costs:
    • Exam – Dental examination will always be performed first
    • Digital Xray – will be needed to know where the decay is located, the cost typically ranges between $60–150
  • Treatment options – Treatment can include local anesthesia, or additional fees needed during emergency or after-hours appointment.
  • Aftercare – This procedure would require prescription if needed such as gauze or ice packs

How much does insurance pay for a tooth extraction?

Insurance typically covers 50 to 80% of tooth extractions when a tooth can’t be repaired, making the average cost of tooth extraction with insurance between $35 to $400 depending on the type of extraction, whether it is surgical or non surgical. Read Dental insurance options.

Is a pulling tooth worth it?

Although it may not be cheap to do tooth extraction dental surgery, it should not be ignored or put on the back burner. Ignoring the early warning signs of an impacted tooth or tooth pain can only lead to the need for more complicated and expensive oral surgery later on. A painful, damaged tooth never gets better on its own.

Frisco, Tooth extraction cost

When you experience pain or the teeth are damaged, tooth extraction is the best course of action when all other treatment fails. But the treatment is not cheap; therefore, here are some ways the procedure can be paid for:

  • Insurance Friendly Dentist – Tooth extraction cost with insurance is the best way to pay for this type of procedure. – at least in part. Insurance policies will differ greatly but some policies do not cover the cost of extraction unless the teeth are partially or completely impacted, because it can lead to infection and permanent damage if not removed. However, if not impacted, some policies cannot pay for removal. Ask your insurer to find out what is covered.Highland Oak Dental is insurance-friendly and can accept most PPO plans in Frisco, TX. We can help with your benefits, file insurance claims on your behalf and maximize your benefits.
  • Government Programs – Unfortunately, Medicare cannot pay for dental care or procedures. It can pay for inpatient hospital care particularly if there is a dental emergency but it does not pay for the dental care itself. Make sure to review your coverage if you have Medicare.
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA) – FSA or Flexible Spending Arrangement is a set amount of pretax money taken out of your salary and be set aside purely for healthcare costs. FSA is only available to the employer offering this option, but the good news is many employers have FSA’s included in their employer benefits package. These are often simple to use with a debit card that you can access all the time. Take note that FSA funds do not roll over to the next year; thus, you want to spend it all up before the end of the year. Learn more about FSA’s here.
  • Health savings accounts (HSA) – An HSA is a government-regulated savings account similar to FSA. It allows you to set aside pretax income that can cover for healthcare costs not paid by your insurance. The contributions are tax deductible. The difference between FSA and HSA is that HSA funds roll over to the next year, but it requires you to have high-deductible insurance plans. Find out more about HSA’s.
  • Dental schools – Check out the dental schools near you that can offer discounts on the services. You may find schools that offer low cost extraction nearby that will provide services if you agree a student learns by doing your dental service. A good dental school near you will have a board-certified dentist nearby to oversee the student providing the service.
  • In House Payment Plans – Most dental offices can offer monthly payment plans so patients won’t be burdened by the full cost of the treatment. Patients sometimes avoid seeking dental care because of the cost. We don’t want our patients to choose to be in pain and neglect treatment because they cannot pay for it. We want to help you avoid this dilemma by offering financial assistance or options to our patients in Frisco when making payments for dental services Highland Oak Dental accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, and American Express. We also work with third-party finance providers like: CareCredit, GreenSkyCredit, and the Lending Club. Best yet, we have our own in-house payment plan with 0% interest, that allows you to get the best care you need without paying for it all out at once for tooth extraction cost without insurance.



FAQ for Dental Extraction Cost

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

The cost for tooth extraction starts at $50 to $200 on average. If it is a complex procedure, the cost could go higher up to $175 and $600. Teeth Extraction General Dentistry.

Can I get a tooth pulled without insurance?

Yes. It is possible to get tooth extraction without insurance, but expect to pay for the treatment in full. Visit Highland Oak Dental.

Is it cheaper to get a tooth pulled or filled?

It depends on the type of work involved for this procedure. For instance, if the tooth needs filling that covers all the sides of the tooth, the decay is so deep, dental filling would be an expensive choice because of the skill and amount of work required. If the tooth has been broken or there is a large amount of decay or major restorative work, then simple tooth extraction is cheaper than getting it filled. Meet our Dr. Shiney George DDS.


Tooth Extraction Cost Near Me

When choosing a dentist it should be near where you live or work because it can save you a lot of time and money. Expect to have a few treatments and follow up appointments along with your routine visits later; thus, having a dental office nearby can make things easier. Also, look for a specialist with excellent reviews in tooth extraction and the one you’ll feel comfortable working with. To know more about our office at Frisco, Texas, the insurance providers we work with and other information give us a call. Hablamos español. Areas we serve: Frisco Texas