Wisdom Teeth Extraction Treatment

The wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, in an iWisdom Teeth Extraction near Frisco TXindividuals natural dentition generally make an appearance between the ages of 17 to 25. Most often people develop four of them, although instances of individuals having fewer than four have also been observed. In rare cases, people can have more than four. The extras are known as supernumerary teeth. As wisdom teeth begin to make an appearance they generally impact the surrounding ones as they mature.

Safe Wisdom Tooth Removal

On many occasions, wisdom teeth can become impacted and grow in sidelong which in most cases calls for extraction to be performed similar to a regular tooth extraction.

The development of any wisdom tooth is unlikely to cause pain and problems when they begin to develop. In such situations, one may experience minor discomfort as they begin to appear in your mouth.

Problems usually begin when enough space is not available for them to come in and it begins putting pressure on the surrounding teeth. Also, if the wisdom ones cannot come in because of the limited space, problems such as food particles getting easily stuck between causing infections is also a risk.

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