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Anchorage Definition


Anchorage may be used to resist and even overcome the force of a given load. In orthodontics, there are several methods for anchoring teeth, each with its own pros and cons. When correcting malocclusions, orthodontists [...]

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Dental Notation Meaning


Dental practitioners utilize dental notation or the ANSI/ADA/ISO Tooth Numbering System to identify teeth when writing or speaking about them. It is a method for visually capturing the existence and placement of teeth within a [...]

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What is meant by Oral Cavity?


The mouth, the interior lining of the lips and cheeks, the lower and upper gums, the anterior two-thirds of the tongue, the floor of the mouth beneath the tongue, the little space behind the wisdom [...]

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What is a Dental Adjunctive Procedure?


The term "dental adjunctive procedure" refers to any therapy that is required either before, during, or after a dental operation in order to assure the procedure's effectiveness. An adjunctive, accessory, supplemental, extra, or subsidiary dental [...]

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What is the Definition of Amalgam?


A dental filling material known as Amalgam or silver filling is used to replace the holes or cavities produced by tooth decay. This material comes in a silver filling form. The substance known as Amalgam [...]

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Bicuspid Tooth Definition


Bicuspids are permanent teeth that are in between the front canine teeth (cuspids) and the back molars. People also call bicuspid teeth "premolar teeth" because they are in the mouth before the molars. Bicuspid teeth [...]

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Anterior Teeth


  The twelve teeth on the front of the mouth are referred to as anterior teeth. These teeth are also known as the "front teeth. These teeth include the lateral incisors, as well as the [...]

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Anatomic Crown


An Anatomic Crown is the enamel-coated upper part of your teeth, including the gum-covered regions. The three layers of the anatomic crown are dentin, enamel, and pulp. What Are the Three Layers of Anatomic Crown? [...]

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