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Invisalign is a set of custom-made removable transparent aligners worn on the upper and lower jaws to align the teeth. They look like mouthguards but instead of protecting, they serve to straighten the teeth. Invisalign can correct bad bites such as underbite, crossbite, overbite, open bite malocclusion, and deep bites. Besides correcting teeth misalignment, these laser-cut aligners can also be used to transform a patient’s face shape for the better. Moreover, Invisalign minimizes strain on the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), thereby decreasing the symptoms involved with TMJ disorder.

Compared to traditional metal braces or clear braces, these orthodontic appliances cause less to no pain. They are not attached to your teeth, are virtually invisible, and can easily be removed when you eat, drink, or speak. We will provide a set of discreet, clear aligners that you’ll wear for about two weeks. The aligners are designed in such a way that they exert pressure on your teeth so that they can adjust to the desired movement of the correction of the teeth. Dental anatomy plays a significant role in reformed dental formulas. When straightening and moving the teeth, dentists take anatomy into consideration. After two weeks, the old aligners have already served their purpose, and you’ll be wearing a new set. You’ll be wearing a new set every two weeks until the desired results have been achieved. After the therapy, you’ll be wearing retainers to keep the teeth from shifting back.

Invisalign® aligners and 3D digital scanners are made by Align Technology. One of its advanced, industry-leading digital scanners is the iTero Element® scanner which can scan and generate 3D impressions of your teeth in a few minutes. Your dentist will then develop a suitable treatment plan for you based on the impressions or x-rays of your teeth and will map out the precise movements of your teeth. Furthermore, the Invisalign® SmileView™ simulator is a technology that enables you to visualize your completed smile after the procedure.

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The Advantages of Invisalign

Aside from daily oral hygiene, correct alignment of the teeth is crucial in maintaining and protecting one’s oral health according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Invisalign clear aligners function to correct teeth misalignment and significantly lessens the threat of diseases of oral cavity, salivary glands and jaws as well as tooth decay. They are also helpful in periodontology and are great for patients with periodontal disease or gum disease.

Invisalign has numerous advantages such as:

  • It can be removed when you eat, drink, brush or floss your teeth.

  • Less time needed to sit in a dentist’s chair compared to other braces.

  • Easier to clean; thereby, preventing tooth decay.

  • Shorter treatment time.

  • Removable & Comfortable

  • No wires or brackets

  • Invisible / Transparent

  • Customized to your Mouth

  • Advanced Technology Affordable Treatment

Types of Orthodontic Aligners available:

Adults misaligned jaw treatment with Clear Aligners

Although most of us feel that children are excellent candidates for having straighter teeth, we should not neglect our mouths. Because Invisalign is made from custom translucent, lightweight plastic material clear of Bisphenol A, it is a safe and comfortable fit for your permanent teeth. There won’t be any visible signs of brackets or wires that can oftentimes be a distraction when you speak or eat. Among the several orthodontic treatments available today, these invisible braces are one of the most excellent options for adults who want to look and feel good, regardless of age.

For numerous adults, achieving the smile they desire needs a mixture of many different dental treatments like Invisalign clear aligners, porcelain veneers, crowns, and dental implants. Several Invisalign candidates most likely had undergone various types of restorative dental treatments such as bridges. Nevertheless, Invisalign still works well with them.

Invisalign Teen

Adults were originally the only ones who could benefit from this. This was a result of the concept of the original design. Every aligner is a plastic shell that fits snugly on each tooth in a single jaw. The aligners left no space for teeth to emerge. This prevented the use of it for youngsters who still had teeth emerging. Its popularity along with the numerous advantages it offered over traditional braces specially when cosmetic benefits were considered made the manufacturers decide that younger persons could also enjoy the benefits. With the teen version, the tabs are left in places where a tooth is expected to erupt and grow. Therefore the advantages were retained without compromising on the tooth development. Orthodontic treatment with this for very young patients is still not indicated at this time. Don’t worry – see Child orthodontics and Dental braces kids for these cases.

Are there Invisible Aligners for Kids?

What is Invisalign First

Creating a great smile involves fixing oral health issues during their early childhood and even before their baby teeth have erupted. Invisalign First is the next generation of Invisalign that is specially developed for children. The treatment allows children who still have growing deciduous teeth to use aligners in treating their orthodontic problems. It is the latest orthodontic dentistry solution that lets the patient use an alternative treatment to metal braces for their child. About Child orthodontics.

Invisalign First is designed to correct a broad range of teeth straightening issues such as crowded teeth and tooth protrusions. It also delves into the pathology of the maxilla and mandible and helps correct narrow dental arches, spacing, and arch development to improve the appearance of your child’s smile. Furthermore, it can be utilized to solve thumb-sucking, help improve minor speech issues, and control the upper and lower arch’s width. The trays are specially designed to gradually expand the jawline of the child and work by contouring it. This process is known as dental arch expansion. As the dental arch develops throughout the treatment, experienced dentists such as Dr. Shiney George can correct more serious problems.

Express / Lite for faster teeth aligning

Invisalign Express is a faster treatment compared to the original Invisalign treatment. Express is excellent for treating less complicated ortho issues as it only consists of a few sets of aligners that will be swapped out every other week. Original Invisalign aligners can take up to 25 or more sets.

How long does the treatment take?

The length of the treatment for Invisalign will depend on the severity of the case. On average, the procedure can take as long as 12 to 18 months. Complex cases can take up to two years, while simple cases can take six months before the treatment is completed. For more complex problems, patients require bonding attachments to guide the alignment.

If you’re already undergoing through Invisalign procedure and like to brighten your teeth, your dentist can discuss the best whitening treatment suitable for you.

How much does it Cost?

Compared to metal or lingual braces, Invisalign aligners are generally cheaper. The total cost for Invisalign is estimated to range from $4,000 to $7,000; however, your insurance provider may pay up to $1500 for Invisalign costs. The price includes a clear retainer. On average, Invisalign clear aligners cost less than traditional braces. Payment plans usually start at $89 per month. Aside from dental insurance, Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts are other options to lessen the total cost of the treatment.

How much an Invisalign treatment will cost depends on your oral health. One of the main contributors is the level of misalignment that needs to be corrected. Apart from that, the cost also depends on where you are getting the treatment and if there’s sedation involved during the procedure. Certain parts in the US are more expensive, particularly in terms of dental services and fees. Within Frisco and nearby, some professionals may charge more than others, depending on their reputation and expertise.

What orthodontic problems can Invisalign treat?

For Crossbite

Crossbite is a type of malocclusion where the upper teeth and bottom teeth do not bite or come together in the correct position. This can occur only on the front sides of the mouth. We recommend having it treated as soon as possible to avoid possible weak chewing patterns, asymmetrical jaw growth leading to abnormal facial features, and other problems it may cause.

Open Bite Malocclusion

Open bite is a type of malocclusion (misalignment) that occurs when the upper front teeth are outwards and do not touch when the mouth is closed. It normally develops in the front of the mouth or at the back of the mouth and causes early deterioration of the molar (tooth). The timing of the treatment is important to the success of the Invisalign treatment.

For Overbite

Overbite is a type of malocclusion where the upper teeth stick out too far beyond the lower teeth. In an extreme case of an overbite, it can cause a non-symmetrical eruption of the front and lower teeth. It can also affect the development of the bone in which the teeth are supported.

For Underbite

Underbite is a type of malocclusion where the mandible extends outward farther than the maxilla. This condition is also called a Class III malocclusion or prognathism. Some of the extreme cases of underbite can be severe causing the lower teeth to extend far too forward creating a bulldog-like appearance. Other cases are milder and nearly noticeable. This condition is caused by the flared lower incisors, tipped back incisors, missing upper portion, or a combination of each.

Gaps in teeth, Diastema

Tooth gap or diastema is a dental condition where there is a visible space between two or more teeth, most often at the two front incisors. Diastema is a common and minor type of misalignment and Invisalign will be able to treat it.

If the tooth gap affects only a few teeth and is not affected by bite misalignment or other complications, it is considered a minor dental issue, and Invisalign Express can be used to treat it.

When the condition of the teeth involves the movement of the teeth or jaw, dentists will supplement Invisalign with attachment or elastics. The attachments are discreet, tooth-colored devices that direct accurate tooth movement.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) advises that you ask for a smile gallery with before and after photos, credentials, testimonials, and verification of continuous learning from your dentist before proceeding with the Invisalign treatment.

FAQ for misaligned teeth care

How many hours per day should I wear my aligners?

Wear your clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. You may take them out only when eating food, chewing gums, brushing or flossing your teeth, washing your full mouth with a fluoride mouthrinse, or when you're cleaning your aligners. Do not take them off when you sleep.

I am currently wearing braces. Can I make the switch to Invisalign treatment?

Yes. It is possible to switch to Invisalign treatment. Doctors are often combining braces with Invisalign aligners in their treatment. Ask your doctor if this method works for you.

Expert, Experienced dentist for bite correction

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Our Highland Oak Dental office accepts most insurance plans and provides assistance in filing your claims. We also offer to manage the insurance paperwork on your behalf to ensure that your benefits are maximized. We accept the following forms of payment: cash, check, credit cards, CareCredit®, and offer in-office financing. Schedule a visit with us today and learn more about the Invisalign treatment that we offer, its cost, and other promo specials we currently have.

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It is important to choose a dentist near where you live, work, or go to school for better convenience and for when you need to go to follow-up checkups. Feeling comfortable with your dentist and one who has positive reviews are also factors you should keep in mind.

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