Artificial teeth are placed into your mouth and jaw and are often used when the tooth is loose.

They are replacements for your tooth’s root for supporting one or more false teeth. It is one of the better ways to replace missing teeth because in contrast with dentures they are permanently secured into your jawbone. If you have missing teeth, are self-conscious and wearing dentures gives you an uncomfortable feeling it is recommended that you consider getting a dental implant.

A dental implant includes two parts, one of which is a metal post to screw the artificial tooth on. The artificial tooth will appear and function similar to the real ones. Therefore this is an excellent alternative for wearing dentures or getting a bridge.

Why Do You Need Them?

Dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone for replacing missing teeth. Your body will accept the material because it doesn’t slip, make a noise, or cause bone damage unlike dentures or bridges because they are manufactured from titanium. The materials are unlikely to decay as in the case of bridges.

We can identify many reasons for getting teeth implants but the ones mentioned below are important. Here are some of our observations:

  • One or more of your teeth are missing.
  • Your jawbone has the strength needed.
  • Wearing dentures is making you uncomfortable.
  • You suffer from a speech impediment and getting the procedure will help to improve the condition.
  • You do not like the feeling of wearing dentures.
  • You do not suffer from any conditions which may affect the healing process of your bones.

What are the benefits?

A tooth implant is appropriate for adults of all ages especially if they don’t prefer the looks and feel of dentures. There is also an excellent choice for adolescents but can only be implanted after the facial growth and development are complete. This usually happens between the ages of 16 for girls and 18 for boys. Get more information on how Implants Procedure is done.

Here Are Some Advantages

They appear and feel like your original set of teeth. They are extremely comfortable to ensure you never have to worry about them.

They are customized to last for numerous years. On the contrary dentures and bridges, may need to be replaced in a shorter period thereby requiring additional significant investments on your part.

They are unlikely the slip or fall off. You will have peace of mind knowing full well that you can have food according to your heart’s desire.

Dental implants can protect your facial form. Space will be visible in your mouth whenever you lose a tooth. It can also lead to deterioration of the jawbone. They are the only tooth replacements that can help to prevent bone loss while promoting bone growth simultaneously. Getting a dental implant at the earliest possible time will prevent bone loss in places where the teeth were located. Make a dentist visit to get evaluated for the procedure.