KidZania is located in Frisco, Texas. It is propelled forward by children assuming a variety of roles and duties across the city. When you arrive at KidZania, you’ll be directed to the airport’s check-in area. Each of you and your children will receive an RFID security bracelet equipped with a GPS tracking device upon checking in. Additionally, children receive free kidZos – KidZania’s virtual money – which they may earn, spend, save, or invest. When inside, kids are given the opportunity to explore careers on their own, which helps them develop their communication skills and confidence. Parents can participate passively or unwind in the soundproof Parents Lounge. Sundays are Family Day. During Sundays, parents will be able to partake in role-playing occupations with their children. From putting out a fire to climbing a building to presenting a podcast, parents may experiment with over 100 vocations alongside their kids. Within the activities, a ratio of one adult to one child will be maintained to offer a high-quality experience for all children. Parents are also permitted to observe and photograph the activities on Sundays.


KidZania encourages parents to allow their kids to step into the outside world.

Almost certainly, your kid will visit each establishment while you remain outside on the “street,” peering through the glass. This will first feel uncomfortable, but you will adjust. KidZania is not about you, the parent; it is about youngsters collaborating with their colleagues of similar ages.

Parents are expected to observe from outside the glass, which is central to the KidZania concept. They would like to urge parents to unwind outside the station or in the upstairs parent area.

KidZania has conducted research and shown that children learn more effectively when they work in teams to solve challenges. (In addition, the parent lounge on the second floor features televisions and WiFi.)

According to, this renowned indoor theme park franchise located in Frisco’s Stonebriar Center mall takes edutainment to new heights by allowing youngsters to role-play over 100 occupations in a scaled-down replica city. Children ages 4-14 can engage themselves in a range of real-world tasks, including piloting airplanes on flight simulators, putting out fires, and producing Spotify podcasts. Numerous occupations are represented by well-known real-world brands for added authenticity, and for each activity completed, children earn kidZos (play currency) that can be used to purchase goods and experiences within KidZania. Additionally, the onsite eateries provide the option of creating your own pizzas and decorating cupcakes. (Source:

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