What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a set of removable clear plastic aligners that are worn in both the upper and lower jaws. They are intended to straighten or align the patient’s teeth. Unlike the traditional braces, these are not stuck permanently to your teeth and they are easy to remove, especially during mealtime. Read more

Our dentist will provide our patients with a complete set of aligners that they will have to wear consistently for two weeks. They are designed to force the problematic teeth to their proper alignment, therefore correcting dental issues like underbites, crossbites and overbites.

After 2 weeks, your old aligners will have served their purpose, therefore they’ll be replaced with a brand new set. This means our patients would need to successively wear new sets every two weeks until the teeth have reached their desired alignment.

Clear Aligners for Teens Frisco TX
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