A toothache is a discomfort felt in the soft tissues around the tooth, jaw, and other nearby structures. Leaving a toothache untreated results in swelling, headache, and discomfort in the ear, neck, and shoulder. Professional dental care is required if a toothache is excruciating and causes additional problems.

Can a Toothache Result in Ear Pain?

The ear ache resulting from tooth pain stems from an abscess. A painful tooth causes ear pain that radiates to the jaw if the infection persists.

Can a Toothache Result in Swollen Jaw?

With a toothache, swelling of the jaw, gums, and other oral tissues is usually observed. Other symptoms associated with toothache and jaw inflammation include gum bleeding and tooth sensitivity.

Can Toothache Result in Headache?

Toothache affects the trigeminal nerve leading to headaches. The trigeminal nerve is responsible for the sensation of the face, teeth, and gums. A toothache-related headache is associated with light sensitivity, vomiting, and nausea.

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Visit a dentist for tooth pain that lasts more than two days. Treating the issues associated with toothache requires professional dental care. Schedule An Appointment with Highland Oak Dental if you have an Unbearable Toothache.

Can Toothache Result in Fever?

When there is an infection in the tooth or gums, a toothache results in fever. The infection is progressing if your fever comes with chills, sweats, and skin flushing. Fever with mental confusion, difficulty in breathing, and chest pain need immediate medical attention.

Can Toothache Result in Sore Throat?

Tooth pain causes sore throat in cases of wisdom tooth infection and dental abscess. Consult your dentist right away for sore throat that comes with swelling, pus, or mouth ulcers.

Can Toothache Result in Neck Pain?

When you have a toothache, the muscles in your jaw and neck get stiff. Persistent neck pain from a toothache is a sign of a tooth abscess. Contact your dentist for cases of dental infection.

Can Toothache Result in Insomnia?

An excruciating toothache keeps you up at night. Tooth pain that is left untreated causes frequent awakening at night. Losing sleep over a toothache results in insomnia over time.

Can Toothache Result in Migraine?

Migraines are brought on by severe tooth pain. You need to have the source of your toothache treated to address your migraine. Migraines that do not go away after treating tooth pain need to be consulted with another doctor.

Can Toothache Result in Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder discomfort is another muscle pain caused by a toothache. The muscles of your shoulder tense up with tooth pain. The shoulder on the same side as the Tooth Hurting aches in response to the tooth pain.

Can Toothache Result in Dizziness?

Tooth pain makes you feel dizzy if an underlying infection spreads to the ears. Stopping the dental infection solves toothache-related dizziness.

Can a Toothache Result in Sinus Pain?

It is common to experience toothache and sinus pain at the same time. The upper roots of the teeth are close to the sinus cavity. Sinus pain from a toothache is associated with periodontal and facial inflammation.

Can Toothache Result in Nausea?

Nausea is brought on by tooth pain caused by a dental infection. Get medical help right at once if you have nausea combined with a fever, chills, and breathing difficulties.

Can Toothache Result in Eye Pain?

Eye pain resulting from toothache is experienced as pressure and throbbing around the eye. Eye discomfort comes from the irritation of the trigeminal nerve when a tooth is painful.

Can a Toothache Result in High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a common manifestation of pain including tooth pain. Treating the cause of tooth pain normalizes elevated blood pressure due to toothache.

Can a Toothache Result in Vertigo?

Vertigo results when an infection from a toothache reaches the ears. Visiting the dentist relieves vertigo brought on by tooth pain.

Can Toothache Result in Facial Pain?

Irritation of the trigeminal nerve from a toothache leads to pain in the face. Facial pain is aggravated when the toothache is accompanied by inflammation and tenderness.