I have some concerns about the process. Are all-on-four painful?

People assume that all on 4 dental implants are terribly painful but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, they are less painful in comparison to other tooth implants.

You can also decide on getting local anesthesia or IV sedation before starting the operation. Also as addition doctors or specialists who provide such treatments have extensive training and years of experience. They have experience of many similar surgeries and tooth implants hence can ensure a fast and as pain-free as possible. There are patients that have reported less pain experience during the process.

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What Happens During The Procedure?

You will have a teeth impression on the day of your surgery so your oral surgeon can plan the best placement of your teeth. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthetic, which is known to be the safest option for the patient. However, it might differ in some cases and you might require sedation or general anesthetic. Therefore, it is rather suggested to the first talk with your oral surgeon before you can begin with the tooth impression procedure.

Where is it made?

New teeth are made by skilled fabricators in the lab. They can be made very quickly considering the entire procedure is done at the same place including consultation and follow-ups.

What Is the Time Duration for the Implant Procedure?

There are multiple arches when implanting an all-on-4. This is a permanent replacement of the upper and/or lower part in a jaw. It will take about 2.5 hours. Patients have to leave the office with a temporary set after their surgery. The permanent set is placed once the jawbone and gums healing has finished. It usually takes six to eight months for the entire healing procedure.

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What Are The Benefits of Full Mouth Restorations?

All-on-4 implants are fixed into the jaw at an angle. This increases the security of the implant in the jawbone and decreases the probability of bone graft. Many patients sometimes require only 4 of these to support an entirely new set of teeth.

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Advantages include:

  • Easy maintenance
  • No removal required.
  • No eating restrictions.
  • Permanent replacement
  • Comfortable
  • Natural-looking teeth that can be brushed and flossed
  • No dental glue required to keep it in place.

In fact, even a full set replacement is offered to patients who suffer from tooth loss. They can have a naturally healthy new set of teeth with no food eating restriction and other cleaning or removing discomfort. It helps in boosting confidence and eliminating oral discomfort.

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