Reasons For Teeth Removal

Extracting a tooth comprises of removing a tooth from its cavity in the bone. When cracks and damages are observed because of decay one of our dentists will try to rectify it by using a filling, crown or any other treatment. On occasions, our dentists observe too much damage which cannot be fixed. In such conditions, the tooth must be gently removed. A tooth which is extremely loose also needs to be pulled if chances of saving it are not available even by conducting a bone graft. Tooth Extraction near Frisco Tx

  • Some individuals have extra teeth which block fresh teeth from developing.

  • At times baby teeth do not fall out to let the permanent ones develop.

  • People opting for braces may require teeth to be extracted to make the place for the teeth which need to be moved into position.
  • Cancer patients undergoing radiation to the head and the neck may need to have teeth in the area of the radiation to be extracted.

  • People being treated for cancer and receiving cancer drugs can develop infections in their teeth because the drugs weaken the immune system. They may also be susceptible to tooth extraction.

Some teeth may need to be extracted when they develop infections after an organ transplant. The risk of infections among people who have undergone an organ transplant is high as the drugs prescribed them may decrease or suppress their immune systems.

Wisdom teeth or third molars are generally extracted either before or after they make an appearance. They commonly develop during the early 20s or the late teens. It is necessary to remove them if they are causing pain, have an infection or are decayed. Wisdom teeth often become impacted or stuck back in the jaw and do not come in. This leads to irritations in the gums, triggering pain and swelling. In such cases, the tooth needs to be extracted. If all four need to be pulled the wisdom teeth extraction is typically done all at once.

 The ADA states “An extraction means to have a tooth removed, usually because of disease, trauma or crowding.”

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