The Texas Sculpture Garden is a one-of-a-kind and a major collection of modern cultural sculptures situated inside of HALL Park, the HALL Group’s hallmark 162-acre development in the City of Frisco, TX. The collection, which is accessible year-round, has the work of numerous notable Texas artists spread across four expansive acres.

The Texas Sculpture Garden, recognized as the biggest private collection of contemporary Texas sculptures ever amassed and made public, was established to assist the Texas community by acknowledging the brilliance of native artists and making their artwork available to all.

The park’s visitors like both the art and the atmosphere. Intricate walking pathways, beautiful landscaping, lakes, and fountains have been constructed specifically to compliment the art and serve as a perfect backdrop.
The Texas Sculpture Garden’s artwork can also be viewed and appreciated here. Created to educate, encourage, and even engage visitors with the artists, touring inside the Texas Sculpture Garden elevates the experience to an entirely new level.
The outside collection is open every day from dawn to dusk; the interior collection is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

More About Texas Sculpture Garden

Esthetic and design play a significant role in Craig Hall’s work and personal life as a lifetime art collector. So much so that an emphasis on art became the conceptual driving force behind the architecture and master plan for Frisco’s HALL Park construction. Hall devoted the park’s front four acres to showcasing a major collection of contemporary sculptures created by Texas-based artists.

To guarantee that these significant works of art were displayed appropriately, professional contractors and artisans were hired to design distinct rooms and pedestals for every item. To make it more exciting, special attention was paid to the surroundings, which have lakes, fountains, rich landscaping, monuments, and lounging places.

The Texas Sculpture Garden is a continuance of Hall’s determination to make art available to everyone, promoting art education, and fostering ties between artists and the public. Collaborating with curator Patricia Meadows, Hall chose various works that are currently on display in this new and creative location. The Texas Sculpture Garden features works by artists from big cities including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, as well as small rural areas like Sanger, Bolivar, and Ovilla. (Source:

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Tour Information

Tour Name: Tour Texas Sculpture Garden – Hall Park

Tour Description: A four-acre walking tour of over 150 artworks, featuring sketches, sculptures, and paintings, displayed both outdoors and inside Hall Park’s structures. The tour features 40 modern Texas paintings and is widely regarded as the biggest collection of its kind ever compiled and made public. Numerous hobbies to select from, such as painting and sculpture.

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Texas Sculpture Garden

6801 Gaylord Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034, United States
Phone: +19723771100

Head north toward Gaylord Pkwy
52 s (338 ft)

Take Lebanon Rd to Kingsley Ln in Denton County
10 min (5.0 mi)

Drive to your destination – Highland Oak Dental 2 min (0.3 mi)