Is It Painful To Undergo All-On 4 Implants?

The process is less painful than what most of you are led to think. You have the option to decide on IV sedation or anesthesia. Also, the dentists that perform the procedure are extensively trained. It ensures that the process is pain-free and fast. Many of the patients that have undergone the procedure have reported less pain than they expected.

What Are Some Of The Things That Take Place During The Process?

Typically, on the day the surgery is to be performed, a few things must be done. The doctor or surgeon takes the impression of the teeth. It helps them to decide where to place the four implants. This procedure is normally performed when the patient is under local anesthesia. So, the procedure is safe and painless. In some cases, it may be necessary for the patient to be sedated. But in other cases, the process may be performed under general anesthesia. It is thus vital that you talk to the oral surgeon before the procedure is commenced.

Where are they made?

The new teeth and dental implants are made in the lab by professional technicians. They take a short period of time to have the prosthetic ready. You will also have all the procedure such as the consultation and follow up carried out at the office.

How Long Does The Entire Procedure Take?

When you choose the All- on four procedure, you will have the full set of the lower and the upper teeth in the jaw replaced. The procedure takes about two and a half hours per arch. After the surgery, patients leave the office with temporary replacement teeth. They get the permanent set as soon as the gums and the jawbone heals. Normally, they will heal in 6 – 8 months after the surgery.

Does The Full Mouth Dental Restoration Come With Some Benefits?

Yes, most patients need about four implants to help support the whole set of teeth. When the All-on 4 implants are fitted, they reduce the chances of the patient undergoing a bone graft. It also increases the chances of securing themselves in the jaw.

Other advantages of having permanent implants:

  •       No removal is required
  •       Can be flossed or brushed like the natural teeth
  •       No glue is needed to hold them in place
  •       They are comfortable, will work, feel and function just like natural teeth
  •       Will allow you to eat all kinds of food.

Note that the full set implant offer gives patients who lose their teeth a new set of teeth. It does so without making patients feel uncomfortable or inconveniencing them. They enhance the quality of life for the patient and will allow them to eat any food they want at any time. Also, they eliminate oral discomfort and will increase your level of confidence.

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