Cleaning is an important part of using Invisalign aligners and must be done regularly. Even if the aligners must be discarded after a few weeks, they must be kept clean. Alternatively, you may be given a filthy pair of aligners, which may affect future therapy.

Without proper care, your Invisalign aligners may develop foul odors, discolouration, and even dental issues. These aligners, as well as your teeth, will need to be cleaned everyday to guarantee the optimal treatment.


Recommended Cleaning of Your Invisalign Trays

A typical day in the office for Invisalign treatment should look like this:

  1. Brush your teeth and clean your aligners first thing in the morning.
    Unless otherwise noted, your aligners should be worn at night. Because bacteria builds as you sleep, it is vital to clean them before you wake up. Cleaning your teeth is vital to remove germs that has accumulated on them. Clean the trays and the rest of the device before reinstalling it.
  2. Soak the trays daily. To maintain optimal performance, submerge the trays in cleaning crystals or denture cleaners before use. Putting it in hot water may harm the trays. After the soak, brush away any residual food particles using a spare toothbrush.
  3. Rinse your aligners well after removing them from your mouth.
    Immediately after removing your invisible aligners from your mouth, rinse them thoroughly. This rinse removes dried saliva from the mouth. Put objects in a container to keep them from growing brittle or diseased. The trays should be cleaned with cold water to avoid warping and bending.
  4. Brush and floss before putting on the trays to avoid cavities. When you eat or drink, make sure these food particles are gone from your body. Before replacing your toothbrush, remember to properly clean and floss. Using dental instruments can help remove bacteria and food particles stuck between your teeth and the rest of your mouth. Untreated, they can create cavities and other health issues.

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Ways to Effectively Clean Your Invisalign Trays

Soap Solution

Stir mild, unscented soap into warm water until suds develop. Soak it in the solution for 30 minutes. After brushing, rinse it with water.

Baking Soda Solution

In a mixing dish, add 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1/2 cup water. After 60 minutes, aggressively brush the trays until no residue remains. Baking soda is made up of sodium bicarbonate. This molecule is used to clean and bleach.

Vinegar and Water

This formula calls for one part white distilled vinegar to three parts water. Wait 20 minutes before rinsing it with water. Rinse the dish thoroughly to remove any vinegar flavor.

Peroxide Solution

Soak the trays in a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water for 30 minutes. Before putting anything in your mouth, be sure it’s clean and washed.

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Clean Invisalign Trays with Retainer Cleaner

There are retainer cleaners you can buy at your local shop if you don’t have to or want to make a cleaning solution. It is vital that when buying retainer cleaners, the instructions are followed on the packaging, as kinds can only be used in sonic and overnight cleaning machines.

These cleaners come in tablet or powder form and must be dissolved in water before use. Teeth include bacteria and dental plaque, so it is a highly effective cleaning solution. The negative is that it is more expensive than the other two options.

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