Dentures can be worn throughout the day and the wearer can remove them easily. Unlike dental implants, they don’t require any invasive surgeries. While they are convenient and functional, however, comfort is an equally important factor in choosing tooth replacements. Since you will be wearing them, finding the most comfortable option will be your decision. Some options will depend on the condition of your teeth, and your financial capability. Here are some options to consider to help you decide if dentures are the right one for you. Continue reading about comfortable dentures.

Frisco Partial Dentures

Replacing one or two

When replacing one or two of them, the best method is to replace them using an implant bridge, between the nearby ones. If you prefer dentures, then a flexible denture or snap on prosthetic is often preferred. Although pricey, these types of dentures are comfortable. They hug the gums and the contours of the teeth and don’t cause any bruising to the gums. They also tend to last longer than ordinary dentures. These and other things such as the location of where the missing teeth will also need to be considered.

    • Complete and Partial Dentures FriscoMolars – These, particularly the ones  in the lower back area of the mouth where it takes all the chewing load, a flexible denture is not recommended. A bridge is a better choice for this.
    • Upper front and bottom – This area does not have as much chewing load as the molars. The appearance is more important and therefore the dentures need to match the colors of the natural teeth. They also need to be comfortable to wear.
    • One to two back molars – Replacing a wisdom tooth is not necessary. It won’t affect how you chew and, your smile won’t be affected as well. When two or more of the back molars are gone, the best solution is an implant-supported denture. Another comfortable option is a partial denture.

Replacing a large number 

A flexible partial or an implant-supported denture is recommended if a large number of them need to be replaced.

Complete or Full Denture

A complete denture is recommended if most or all them have to be replaced. It could be flexible or implant-supported. Take note that implant-supported dentures may cost more.