Are you unhappy with the dentures you are presently using? Do you feel you should be having a comfortable and permanent replacement option for your missing teeth? Would you be surprised if you found out that you could get replacements with permanent restorations in a single day? You do not have to remain concerned any longer. With the help of modern dentistry, you will not only be able to eat and speak without difficulty but will also have the luxury of enjoying a beautiful smile all in just a single day. Regardless of whether you need a single tooth, multiple ones or even a full mouth restoration, it is possible for you to get them in just a single visit. Getting the ones you need so quickly can make it convenient for you to have them restored. Check out more about conventional dental implants in Frisco, TX to understand how you can benefit from fixed permanent restorations.

Same day dental implants Frisco

Can I Get A Fixed Denture In A Single Day?

Unlike conventional dentures which often need weeks before finalization, same day restorations can be easily placed in a single visit to the dentist. This is a clear indicator that you can begin enjoying the food you want as soon as your new restorations have been placed. We are aware that our patients cannot wait endlessly for their missing teeth to be replaced. Therefore we offer the highest quality of permanent tooth replacements to our patients to ensure they don’t have to live without them even for a short period of time.

What Is A Dental Implant?

These are titanium posts of various sizes and shapes (diameter and length) which are inserted into the jawbone to function as the artificial root of the tooth. After being inserted they are given the time needed to heal and integrate with the jawbone in a process which is known as osseointegration. After they have healed completely and anchored themselves into the bone a suitable dental prosthesis is attached to it which serves as the crown of the prosthetic tooth.

One-Day Procedure

  • Before Your Appointment — Before scheduling your appointment for a permanent tooth procedure you will initially undergo a detailed oral examination performed by an experienced dentist. This procedure is undertaken to ensure you are a suitable candidate. The dentist will examine your x-ray and CT scan as well as the 3-D digital imaging reports to assess the volume and thickness of the available jaw bone where the new roots need to be placed. Careful planning of the angulation and the position of the artificial root will be completed ahead of time to streamline your fixture placement on the day of the appointment.
  • On the Day of Your Appointment — Before you arrive for the procedure at Highland Oak Dental the abutment, temporary crown and all of the tools will be ready. As tooth replacement is a surgical procedure you will be administered anesthesia before beginning the process. The dentist will determine whether local sedation or general anesthesia should be administered depending on the expected duration of the procedure. After you are completely sedated and free from any pain an incision will be made by the dentist into the soft tissues of the overlying jawbone. Thereafter holds will be made into the bone for the new roots to be carefully drilled into position while applying precise and controlled pressure as needed. Finally, a prefabricated prosthesis will be attached to the fixed bridge for completing the artificial tooth structure.

Same Day Vs. Traditional

Conventional and this type of dental restorations can both be used for permanent replacement of missing teeth. Dentists need to wait for a few weeks after placing the artificial tooth in the case of conventional restorations in order to ensure sufficient bone formation has occurred around it. This ensures that the they will be firmly held in position. On the other hand, improvements in the latest surgical skills now provide dentists and option to load the fresh restorations instantly. This ensures that you don’t have to wait while your implant-supported prosthesis is being prepared.

Why Get Them?

Are you wondering why you should discard your existing dentures and prefer to get dental implants in a single day? The following reasons will convince you:

  • No waiting time — patients understandably do not like to wait while their replacement set is being prepared in a laboratory. We take care of any diseased or failing ones and plan a replacement option. This ensures you get your new permanent fixed dentures just that quickly.
  • Durability — unlike removable dentures (which need frequent repairs or replacements) your supported prosthesis is permanent and rarely needs to be repaired. Are you aware that if you care for your fixed restorations in line with the instructions provided by your dentist you can expect them to last you for a lifetime?
  • Natural Feeling — as the replacements  are placed in the jaw bone similarly as natural ones they will provide you with a natural feeling after the placement giving you the comfort of enjoying the foods you want.
dental implants near me
  • Conservation Of the Jaw Bone Volume – have you ever been told that wearing removable dentures can result in significant resorption of the jaw bone? This isn’t really the case because they have the potential to promote bone formation around them and therefore preserve the integrity, volume, and quality of the residual jaw bones.
  • Eliminating The Need for Removal — Are you fed up of removing your dentures every time you head to bed? We have some good news for you. Fixed teeth are permanent and therefore do not need to be removed. You can look after the hygiene of your replacements just as your natural ones. Develop a habit of brushing and flossing regularly and you won’t encounter any problems.
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Foods — Another excellent reason to discard your old dentures is the ease of having all types of foods. Thanks to fixed dentures for the full mouth you can begin enjoying all the foods you want immediately.

Tooth Replacement Options

Regardless of whether you require the replacement for a single missing tooth or need multiple new restorations this option offers you a speedy, durable, and a reliable tooth replacement option.

  • Single Missing Tooth Replacement — We will replace your single missing tooth on the same day.
  • Multiple Missing Teeth — Replacing multiple missing ones with the help of implant-supported removable or fixed dentures is also possible.
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation — Full mouth restoration with the help of permanent dentures is as well possible.

All on Four Hybrid Dentures — In prosthesis of these types four posts are inserted in each jaw. These are capable of supporting a complete denture over them for the restoration of a complete edentulous arch.

Affordable Same Day Dental Implants Near Me

The cost of the placement is definitely higher than other tooth replacement options. However when you compare the advantages such as no waiting times, durability, comfort, and convenience the benefits outweigh the single drawback of the higher costs.

Same Day Dental Implants for our community

Get Your Permanent Teeth quickly. If you are in or near Frisco, TX schedule an appointment with us. We are committed to giving you the gift of a beautiful smile. We are located in the greater DFW Texas just minutes away from the nearby cities of The Colony and Prosper. Contact us today to get your new replacements.


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