How To Care For Dentures


Dentures – What Can I Eat? Dentures can restore your oral functionality as well as your smile. However, despite not being natural they can be considered as part of your body. You can [...]

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Is it time to consider tooth implant?


Artificial teeth are placed into your mouth and jaw and are often used when the tooth is loose. They are replacements for your tooth's root for supporting one or more false teeth. It is [...]

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How to choose best dentist for your dental care


Everyone longs for shining white teeth, that can light up the room in dark, pun intended. But having shiny teeth is not enough, you also need them to be healthy, with strong gums, and [...]

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Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns?


Our main objective is to see you smile with confidence, and to achieve this, we offer many cosmetic restoration options. Just two of the treatments we offer are porcelain crowns and veneers. Although both [...]

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Getting Used to Your Permanent Dentures


There's a list of common disadvantages of traditional dentures. The oft-mentioned disadvantage is that they could easily slip and fall out while eating or speaking. Another complaint is a condition called bone resorption. With [...]

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How Long Does It Take For Dental Implants To Heal?


The standard process involves a multi-step procedure and requires one to three stages to completely heal. The length of time to heal may also vary depending on the number of teeth that have [...]

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Dental Implants for Seniors


Can older patients (over 65, 70, 80) benefit from dental implants? As we age, we start losing our teeth. Unfortunately, losing one, two or even several of them would definitely affect one’s eating [...]

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Find the most comfortable dentures


Dentures can be worn throughout the day and the wearer can remove them easily. Unlike dental implants, they don’t require any invasive surgeries. While they are convenient and functional, however, comfort is an equally [...]

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Learn About the Advantages of Dental Implants


There are numerous benefits when considering permanent teeth replacement. Find out more about dental implants near you. 1. Natural appearance, feel, and function — a set of strong and [...]

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Are Dental Implants Right for You?


In dentistry today, dental implants seem to offer the best solution for replacing lost teeth. If one or several of your teeth are missing, dental implants are probably the best option you can have. [...]

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