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What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns can be cosmetic, but more commonly they are used as a protective cap placed on top of a fragile tooth. This cap shrouds the visible part above the gum. We offer the highest quality treatments to our patients, including creating a durable and well fitting crown that protects as well as looks great. Let’s take a closer look at this process.

Frisco Texas Dental CrownDifferent Types of Caps

We offer different types to suit each need and price:

  • All-Metal – This type is made wholly from metal alloys.  They are extremely strong but are less visibly pleasing than others and thus, rarely used except for restoring less visible back teeth.
  • All-Porcelain – This type is prepared using tooth-colored ceramics and look natural. Patients who are most conscious about their smile choose porcelain caps.
  • Metal-Ceramic – These contain a framework of metallic alloys under a layer of porcelain which results in a strong, but aesthetically pleasing crown.

Aside from the materials used, there are also different types available, based on how long they are intended to last.

  • Permanent – These are most commonly used to permanently restore a crooked or chipped tooth with posts. Using a special dental adhesive, permanent crowns are cemented in place and are only removed by a dentist if they need repair.

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