Dental Prosthesis

Dentures are a common option used to replace a single or multiple teeth. Along with other benefits, many find their cost much more affordable than dental implants, for instance. They also don’t require surgery or an invasive procedure. A removable set can provide you with a functional, great fitting and natural looking dental replacement. You may have lots of questions or concerns about getting a partial or full set of prosthetics, and we are glad to address those here and in the office.

Complete Sets

A full denture is a removable prosthesis that is used to replace a full set on your upper or lower jaw. Our dentist will remove any remaining ones, if any, and will fit the patient for the fixture. Our full, or complete, sets are designed to feel natural and comfortable, require less dietary restrictions as possible, decrease the chance of bone loss in your jaw and mouth, and look great. Find more information on Complete Dentures.

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