Root canal treatment is an Endodontic treatment for saving a badly infected tooth from extraction. American Association of Endodontists states “Endodontists are specialists in saving teeth”. With just a part of the entire session, you’ll see a noticeable relief from tooth pain. At Highland Oak Dental, we prioritize and care for patients that are in need.

Endodontic treatment Little Elm

Do I need a root canal – Little Elm, Texas?

Endodontics treatment can be used to treat multiple oral health issues such dying or inflamed nerves, dead nerves, cracked or damaged teeth or even a dead tooth. It can also be used to treat a failed Root Canal Therapy. In some cases, it may even be needed to remove the nerves or the teeth. The decision will be yours to make, but we can help after one of our experts  listened to your concerns and have examined your condition.

Root Canal Procedure can normally be completed in two dental appointments. During your second visit, the Patient and the Dentist will get to see how the treatment has progressed and whether it requires additional work. In some cases, a permanent filling can be completed on the very first visit. If this is the case, the recovery time will be faster than normal.

Early Symptoms that Could Require a Root Canal

  • Swelling
  • Toothache
  • Extremely sensitive to cold and hot
  • Infection

What Your Dentist May Ask about the Symptoms

  • Onset
  • Type of pain – whether it’s continuous or pulsed
  • Duration of pain
  • Location of pain / swelling

Observable Signs

It may be possible that you are not aware of the problem developing in your pulp until it’s too late. However, there are some hints that may be obvious. These hints include:

  • Signs of pus discharge
  • Color
  • Visible changes in soft tissue, and asymmetry


These signs may not be enough to make a complete and definite diagnosis. Therefore, additional testing may be needed. Available tests include X-ray, electronic Pulp testing, Percussion, and Thermal sensation.

Root canal cost in Little Elm

can be used to treat multiple oral health issues such as dying or inflamed nerves, dead nerves, cracked or damaged teeth, or even a dead tooth. It can also be used to treat failed Root canal therapy. In some cases, it may even be needed to remove the nerves or the teeth. The decision will be yours to make, but we can help after one of our experts have listened to your concerns and have examined your condition.

How much does Root canal cost in Little Elm?

Root Canal and Crown costs include an Exam, X-ray, Local anesthesia in Little Elm, TX, Average cost of a Root Canal ranges from $600 to $1400. Average amount for a Crown ranges from $600 to $2000. The cost depends on the location of the tooth, dentist and insurance. Contact Us

Prices without insurance:

  • Molars – $1,000 – $1,400
  • Bicuspid – $700 – $1,000
  • Front tooth (anterior) – $600 – $900

Other costs may include:

  • Diagnostic – An exam and Xray will be needed to figure out where the tooth decay is located
  • Treatment – These can include a local anesthesia, and extra costs that may occur from an emergency or after-hours appointment
  • Aftercare – Typically, over-the-counter pain relievers are advised when there is pain. According to the American Association of Endodontists, ”this treatment is no more painful than having a cavity filled.”

Root canal treatment Little Elm: Emergency, Pain relief

Emergency root canal needed? You no longer have to suffer every moment in pain. If you are in or near Little Elm schedule an appointment with us immediately so we can examine and determine if a Root canal is the right procedure for your situation.

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Demographics of Little Elm, TX

Little Elm’s current estimated population, as of July 1, 2019, is 53,126. Little Elm’s build-out population is anticipated to be over 90,000.

As of the census of 2000, there were 3,646 people, 1,210 households, and 965 families residing in the town. The population of Little Elm grew by 610% between 2000 and 2010, ballooning from 3,646 to 25,898, making the city one of the fastest growing in not only the state of Texas but also the United States.

According to the census, 63.2% of the population was white, 17.5% was Black or African American, and 6.1% was Asian. Of the total population, 22.7% identified as Hispanic or Latino (of any race).

Per the 2019 Census estimates, the median household income in Little Elm is $95,377. The per capita income is $34,533 and 6.3% of residents live in poverty. Many local organizations such as LovePacs and the Little Elm Food Bank aim to serve these extremely-low-income residents.


FAQ for Root Canal – Little Elm

Little Elm, Is a root canal painful?

According to the American Association of Endodontics, most patients who have undergone this treatment feel slight to no amount of pain during the treatment. Dentists will use a local anesthesia to numb the area; therefore, the procedure is not that painful. Needing a root canal, on the other hand, causes some pain and discomfort. See more about root canal dentist

Little Elm, How long does a root canal take?

Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, a root canal treatment can be completed in two visits. A normal root canal procedure can take from 30 to 60 minutes. While a more complex case can take more than 90 minutes. See more about Price for Root Canal

Little Elm, Why do root canals take 2 visits?

A standard root canal can take two visits. At your first appointment, the infected nerve and tissue are removed and the tooth is dressed. This usually helps to get rid of the pain in the tooth. On the second visit, the root canal is disinfected, cleaned, shaped, and measured to prevent further infection. Endodontics services

Little Elm, Can you eat after a root canal?

Yes, but you need to wait until the anesthesia wears off so that you don't accidentally bite off your tongue or cheek. Do not bite or chew on the area that has been treated so that you won't damage it. Eating soft foods are the best type of foods to eat following the root canal treatment to avoid irritating the area.

Little Elm, Can you drive home after a root canal

In a typical root canal treatment, it is possible to drive yourself home after. In cases where you require sedation dentistry or surgical root canal, we recommend that someone should drive you home.

Little Elm, What can you not do after a root canal

Do not bite down or chew on the treated area until your dentist has fully restored the tooth. Do not brush your teeth too vigorously because it could damage the fillings on the treated area. Do not skip on your follow-up appointments as it can cause the treatment to get worse and increase the treatment time.

Little Elm, Do you always need a crown with a root canal

A dental crown is not often necessary after a root canal procedure. Typically you need a dental crown when the treatment is at the back of the teeth, molars, and premolars. If it is on the front teeth, canines, and incisors you may not need a dental crown. Your dentist will be the one to make the final evaluation about getting a crown.

A treated tooth with dental crown typically lasts longer than those without. A crown protects the tooth from sensitivity, prevents infection, retains the natural tooth color, and it lasts 5x longer than those without a crown.


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