Are you seeking a highly effective and reliable teeth whitening solution to achieve a radiant smile?

Look no further than KOR Whitening! KOR Whitening is a cutting-edge and renowned teeth whitening system known for its remarkable results. This professional-grade treatment can effectively eliminate deep stains and discolorations, delivering a brilliantly white smile that lasts. With our expert dental team, you can experience the transformative power of KOR Whitening, unveiling a brighter and more confident you. Say goodbye to stubborn teeth stains and hello to a stunning, picture-perfect smile with KOR Whitening!

While it may be tempting to grab a whitening kit from the drugstore, it’s essential to reconsider before spending money. Conventional whitening systems often prove unpredictable, frustrating, and even painful. However, the KoR Whitening system provides a distinct and innovative solution that sets it apart. Its unique high-potency gel, continuously refrigerated for optimum freshness, is coupled with a scientifically designed application system that guarantees incredible results. Say goodbye to the uncertainty and discomfort of traditional whitening methods and embrace the transformative power of KoR Whitening for a genuinely remarkable teeth-whitening experience.

After all, you only get one smile!

Here Are Some Well Known Teeth Stainers

Professional teeth whitening in Frisco removes stains from these enemies

Coffee & Tea – Coffee and tea are the most prevalent staining agents due to their acidic nature and high tannin content.

Carbonation – Contrary to popular belief, “light-colored soft beverages can discolor and harm teeth as easily as “dark” ones.

Tobacco – Cigarette products are highly damaging to your teeth, gums, and general health.

Soy Sauce – Soy sauce and dark dressings, such as balsamic vinaigrette, can discolor teeth.

Candy – Have you ever looked at your tongue after eating a crimson sucker or munching on a gobstopper?

Berries – Surprisingly, even “natural” dark meals can cause your teeth to change colors in the same way that “unnatural” ones do.

How Does Kor Teeth Whitening Work?

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are standard systems, and then there’s KoR Whitening – in a league of its own. If you’ve ever tried drugstore whitening strips or gels, you may have been disappointed by the promised results and complicated application processes. KoR Whitening, however, stands out by directly addressing stains with unmatched potency. The reason behind your discolored smile lies in stain molecules becoming trapped within the microstructures of your teeth. Over time, these stains absorb more chromophores, making them darker and more challenging to remove. With KoR Whitening’s advanced approach, say hello to a brighter, more radiant smile with highly effective and predictable results.

Traditional peroxide formulas attempt to whiten your teeth by using “bleaching factors” to lighten the color of stains. However, the potency of these formulas in most conventional whitening products must be improved, preventing them from effectively diffusing through the entire microstructures of your teeth to tackle the most stubborn stains. As a result, these products may need to deliver the desired whitening efficiency you seek.

Clinical Research Associates (CRA) has found through research that standard whitening gels, when applied in trays, remain active for only 25-35 minutes before diluting saliva. With these methods, achieving optimal whitening results in just half an hour is impossible!

The key to KoR Whitening’s remarkable effectiveness lies in its unique approach. KoR gels are continuously refrigerated from the moment of formulation until they are applied to your teeth. This strict refrigeration process guarantees that KoR gels are never compromised or degraded by heat or bacteria, ensuring their full potency and making all the difference in achieving exceptional whitening results.

What sets KoR Whitening apart is its high-potency formulas, which remain undiluted and unaffected by saliva. These formulas are applied using KoR-Seal trays, specially designed to seal out saliva and sulcular fluid. This innovative design allows for 6 to 10 hours of continuous whitening activity, a significant improvement compared to the mere 25-35 minutes offered by other whitening systems. With KoR Whitening, you can experience extended and effective whitening results like never before!

The Different KoR Teeth Whitening Options

The KoR Whitening system allows you to access various protocols and gels tailored to meet your specific smile goals. Whether preparing for a special occasion like a wedding or graduation or simply seeking the gift of a more confident smile, KoR has the perfect protocol for you. Achieve your desired level of teeth whitening and embrace the confidence that comes with a stunning and radiant smile, courtesy of KoR Whitening.

Discover the convenience and flexibility of KoR Home, the at-home whitening system designed for both day and nighttime use. This option offers the most affordable way to achieve stunning results with KoR. For the KoR-Night protocol, apply the 16% carbamide peroxide gel every night for at least two weeks. However, if wearing whitening trays overnight is not feasible, or if you experience extreme sensitivity, KoR-Day provides a gentle alternative. Use it once or twice daily for at least two weeks, ensuring a comfortable and practical teeth whitening experience. With KoR Home, you can enjoy the freedom to whiten your teeth on your schedule and achieve the brilliant smile you’ve always desired.

Tailored to your specific level of discoloration, KoR offers three in-office whitening treatments: KoR Max, KoR Ultra, and KoR Ultra-T. Each treatment is designed to deliver optimal results based on your individual needs. By visiting your dentist, you can discover which option suits you best. Allow us to guide you through the details of each treatment, ensuring you make an informed decision and achieve the radiant smile you deserve!

KoR Max:

The most popular system due to its adaptability and high success rate.

  1. Combine two weeks of nightly whitening at home with a single office visit.
  2. Making an Impression and a Seal Tray

KoR Ultra:

KoR Ultra is intended for fluorosis and dark geriatric stains that transcend normal discoloration.

  1. Making an Impression and a Seal Tray
  2. Jumpstart in-office conditioning
  3. 3-4 weeks of nighttime whitening at home
  4. Final whitening therapy in-office

KoR Ultra-T:

Tetracycline staining presents a unique whitening difficulty. Most whitening solutions cannot address or consider tetracycline stains to be irreversible. Not KoR! With the KoR Ultra-T therapy, you can obtain genuinely outstanding results.

  1. Making an Impression and a Seal Tray
  2. Jumpstart in-office conditioning
  3. 6-8 weeks of overnight KoR whitening at home
  4. Final whitening therapy in-office

Post-Operative Instructions

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