What are the Benefits of Teeth Bridges?

If you’re having second thoughts about Dental Bridges and is considering conventional removable dentures then let’s discuss why dental bridges are better for you.

  • Superior Esthetics – Removable dentures are known to get stained easily; thus, losing its esthetics very quickly. We provide high quality bridges that not only restore your facial structure but has the look and feel similar to having your natural teeth restored.
  • Durability – Dental bridges have frameworks that contain very strong dental alloys. Its durability can make it functional for ten years or more.
  • Convenience – One of the disadvantages of removable dentures is that they don’t completely restore the chewing and speaking ability of the person wearing it. Since dental bridges are in a fixed position on your teeth, you can speak more easily and eat just as you would when you had your original teeth.
  • Minimal Need for Repair – Removable dentures will need to be repaired or replaced often. Dental bridges, on the other hand, contain durable dental alloys which means they don’t need frequent repair and replacement.
  • Eat Everything You Like – Because of how removable dentures are designed, it does not provide enough chewing capability to allow you to enjoy eating your favorite foods such as foods that need increased masticatory forces like meat and chicken. Teeth bridges are directly secured to your teeth; which means, it is possible to enjoy eating whatever food you like without worrying about it breaking apart.

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