About Hills of Kingswood, Frisco, TX

Brief introduction

This community lies in the very heart of Frisco, Texas with 1,440 residents and an average age of 51. The elegance that oozes from this small exclusively gated community speaks volumes about the neighborhood. Quite intimidating you may say. A glimpse at the surrounding reveals that it is not meant for the middle-class. The fact that 78% of the residents are homeowners confirms this.

Who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful, safe, secure, and peaceful neighborhood? Little wonder Frisco ranks #7 in America’s Best Places to Move. The residents of this community are lucky folks, aren’t they? Gardening and landscaping companies will make a killing here. There is enough room to walk your dog anytime. To complete the amazing housing package are numerous dining, entertainment, and shopping facilities scattered around the neighborhood. One of such is the club house where some of the residents can relax.


The community is served by Lewisville ISD so the residents can choose any of Hicks Elementary School, Arbor Creek Middle School, and Hebron High School.


The residents of Hills of Kingswood can enjoy the following amenities – hike & bike trails, Greenbelts and Creek. Most importantly, the neighborhood is surrounded by Lake Lewisville Park. There are three well-equipped medical facilities in or near the gated community. When you move in, you can worship in any of the 8 places of worship in the neighborhood. Golf enthusiasts are not left out as there are three world-class golf courses therein.

Places of interest

You can walk around both Lake Lewisville Park and Stewart Creek Park but History N Mystery Ghost Tours is the bomb! It is a 2-hour walking tour that gives you insights into the history of Lewisville. The tour reveals what connects the past of the town to its present. If you have any plan to relocate to Frisco, Hills of Kingswoods should top your consideration list.

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Driving Direction from Hills of Kingswood to National Videogame Museum