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Clear braces treatment Frisco, TX

Clear braces is a type of orthodontic treatment for correcting teeth and bite alignment problems particularly in children and teens. The earliest known model is called “metal-mouth” braces.

What are Clear Bracket Braces?

transparent brackets braces for Frisco communityMetal braces have been used since then in treating orthodontic problems in children and teens. Because of their appearance, these often are called “metal-mouth” braces.

Thanks to dentistry and its supporting technologies, the most recent types of orthodontic treatments can make them look great. Some people don’t like the look of the braces and they consider it as an aesthetic handicap because of how the Metal brackets and wires protrude in the mouth. But in some countries, particularly in developed countries, these are often a sign of affluence.

Since most people prefer looking good while their teeth are being corrected, the industry has come up with various methods to reduce the visibility of the braces. Despite the added cost, most patients prefer this method than having the metal brackets showing up when they talk or smile. Although the most visible part of the are the metallic archwire that runs across that teeth since it needs to be strong and durable as this is what pulls that teeth into position, it still can be made less visible by matching the color of the natural teeth.

The archwire is attached to the brackets using colored or stock elastic bands. The materials used for the brackets are made of ceramic, an oxide of aluminum so that it can be as translucent as possible. This is also the reason clear braces are also called ceramic braces. The elastic bands can also be invisible by making it match the color of the natural tooth or can be any color the patient chooses.

How do Ceramic Braces Work?

How these types of braces work to straighten and correct the alignment of the teeth is similar to how traditional wire braces work. An important part of this treatment is the archwire that runs along with the teeth of the jaw from one end to another. Even in ceramic braces, the wires should be made of metal (stainless steel to be exact, but it can be tooth-colored, frosted,, or silver). The archwire puts pressure on the teeth using ceramic brackets attached to each tooth. These brackets are directly bonded to the teeth or can have orthodontic bands and attached to the archwire using tooth-colored elastic bands.

Pressure applied by the archwire on the brackets is transmitted to the teeth. The pressure level is adjusted by the dentist such that teeth move in the desired direction slowly without any appreciable pain. As the teeth move, the pressure is released. The archwire needs to be re-adjusted to cause further movement. This is done at monthly or fortnightly intervals at the dentist’s office. The procedure is repeated regularly for one to four years depending on the severity of the case and the age of the patient. Once the braces have achieved the desired tooth alignment, your oral surgeon may advise wearing plastic retainer or tooth guards for some time.

some of the Transparent Orthodontic brackets manufacturers

  • 3M Oral Care

  • GC Orthodontics

  • G&H Orthodontics

Pros and Cons

Clear braces are becoming popular among kids, and teenage patients not due to their appearance but because of multiple advantages over metallic braces. Here are the pros and cons of this treatment.


  • Esthetics – One of the main reason patients prefer ceramic braces is its aesthetic advantage over metal braces. Clear makes it less conspicuous as the braces can be made semi-translucent or match the color of your teeth depending if your teeth have lighter or darker shade.
  • Minimal Irritation – compared to lingual invisible braces do not irritate the gums. Therefore, it is less painful to the patient.


  • Cost – Clear braces are more expensive than traditional Metal Braces. Not everybody can afford them.
  • Staining -The ligatures of these braces are made clear or white which may stain too soon if not properly taken cared of. One way to avoid it from staining quickly do not eat foods that will stain the ligatures.
  • Lower Strength than Metallic Braces – Clear braces are not suggested when it needs excessive force to move the teeth as the brackets may crack. Therefore, severe cases of misalignment or the improper bite won’t be given ceramic braces.

More Advantages

  • Shortened treatment time

  • Braces have clear brackets!

  • Sets Customized to your Mouth

  • Affordable Treatment through Advanced Technology

Ceramic bracket braces for Adults in Frisco, Texas

This is a perfect bite alignment for adult, particularly to those that are worried about the distractions commonly caused by metal braces. These small, translucent brackets are made to blend your teeth’s natural color so that they are virtually invisible and more comfortable. We also offer discreet methods such as Lingual Braces.

Kids Clear Braces Frisco: Affordable

Kids and teens prefer this type of Kids bite alignment since they can choose whatever color they prefer. They can choose to blend it to the natural color of their teeth to make it nearly invisible, or use any color they like. Clear braces are suitable in correcting all types of bite issues.

How to take care?

Clear braces are not strong as traditional braces and these tend to cost more. Therefore, you need to take good care of it. The following points are worth noting in caring for these braces.

  • Foods to avoid- You have chosen clear or ceramic braces because you want your treatment to be less noticable. Therefore, you need to avoid foods that can stain the porous components of this treatment such as the bands attaching the brackets to the archwire. Do not smoke, drink wine, consume tomato products or anything that contains high amounts of color that could easily stain your braces.
  • Oral hygiene- The structure of the braces add additional opportunity to form plaque. Therefore, brushing or flossing once a day and rinsing your mouth after every meal is a good way to avoid tooth decay. Your dentist may also advise you to use special interdental toothbrushes.
  • Regular checkup visits- Dentists will be able to see changes in your teeth that you cannot see. Therefore, whether the patient is a kid, teen, or for adults they need to visit their dentist every six months. Dentists can clean the areas of the teeth which normal toothbrushes and even interdental toothbrushes can’t clean.
  • Avoid whitening toothpastes- Avoid using teeth whitening toothpaste as it can leave dark patches under the braces. Moreover, teeth whitening toothpastes can chemically affect the color of the brackets.

Clear braces cost

Cost of transparent braces can be more expensive than other types of braces due to its pleasing aesthetics. The cost in Frisco, TX will usually depend on the severity of the case. Metallic braces on the other hand, are cheaper, but despite the cost difference, ceramic braces have become the popular treatment of choice due to its aesthetic appeal.

For most, the biggest benefit of dental braces is that it produces an attractive smile, but it is just as important to have clean teeth. This means fewer cavities and an overall healthier smile. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to correct the alignment of your teeth with braces.

It also makes sense to look for an orthodontist that is close to your home and work to save time and money on transportation. Look for a specialist near you who has excellent patient reviews. Our team at Highland Oak Dental has the expertise and education, as well as offer financial options that fit every need. We accept PPO and Medicaid and offer in-house financing.

how much do clear braces cost?

Clear braces would on average range between $3,500 to $8,000 for a full mouth of braces. These Ceramic braces are a little more than Traditional/Metal braces ($3,000 to $ 7,500), but they are not as much as Lingual braces ($8,000 to $13,000), which are hidden braces placed on the inside of the teeth.

Insurance may help pay up to $3,000. Payment plans usually start at $89 per month.

Experienced expert at bite correction Frisco, Texas

Highland Oak Dental in Frisco, State Code offers these nearly invisible orthodontic appliances that are not only durable, but looks great as well. Call us at our Frisco office today and begin your journey towards a straighter smile. Our Texas office is conveniently located near you and we can’t wait to see you.

What orthodontic problems can braces with clear brackets treat?


Crossbite is a dental condition that affects the way your teeth are aligned. This condition occurs when the upper teeth fit behind the lower teeth when your mouth is closed or at rest. This can affect the front of your mouth or the lower back of your mouth.

Crossbites can cause the following:

  • Weak chewing patterns
  • When the teeth have premature wear
  • Less attractive smile
  • Gum disease
  • Bone loss
  • Asymmetrical jaw development

Open Bite

This type of malocclusion has the front and lower teeth slanted outward so it doesn’t touch when the mouth is shut. This type of malocclusion is majorly characterized by a vertical gap. The gap is visible between the front teeth.

If this condition is not treated, it can cause the following

  • Premature wear of the molars.
  • A less attractive smile.
  • Jaw joint dysfunction


An overbite is when your upper jaw overlaps your lower jaw. This is commonly referred to as buck teeth. Often the patient has a recessive chin which affects the shape of his or her face. These patients have shorter, rounder faces which makes them look older.

An overbite can cause the following:

  • Lower front part biting onto the gum tissue, which could lead to periodontal problems.
  • Unusual wear of the lower part of the mouth.


An underbie occurs when you close your mouth, the lower front teeth are in the front of your upper teeth. This condition is also called Class III malocclusion and it creates a bull-dog-like appearance of the mouth and face. Some cases can cause the lower teeth to extend far forward, other cases are nearly unnoticeable.

Underbite needs to be corrected immediately because:

  • It prevents the correct functions of the mouth.
  • Your smile is less attractive
  • Can cause jaw-joint dysfunction.

Gaps in teeth

Diastema refers to the space or gap between the teeth. These places can form anywhere in the mouth but are often common between the two upper and lower front teeth. There are small gaps that are barely noticeable, and there are those that are so large that it can be a problem to most people. Clear braces can reduce the size of the gap in the teeth.

Clear braces will be able to treat minor to extreme cases of diastema. The treatment time for minor cases of diastema is usually faster compared to mild to moderate cases.

To make sure your dentist is skilled in clear braces treatment, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) recommends that you ask your dentist for before and after photos, references, and proof of continuing education before undergoing treatment.

FAQs for Teeth Straigntening

Do clear braces take longer?

Clear braces take the same amount of time to straighten mild to moderate cases with metal braces. Clear braces are not cheap, visit to find out how save on the cost of the treatment.

Does it hurt?

It shouldn't hurt during the treatment. As the clear ceramic or plastic brackets bonded the teeth, the wires may need adjustments. As these are tightened, you may feel sore for quite some time. The wires could also rub against the inside of your mouth that can cause temporary discomfort. Our Highland Oak Dental office will make sure that you are comfortable during the treatment process.

Do clear braces turn yellow?

When orthodontists use low-quality braces, it can break down easily and can discolor. This won't happen with high quality braces. Moreover, the clear elastic ties can turn yellow over time that can make the braces appear yellow. Luckily, the ties can be removed and changed every appointment.

What can you not eat with transparent bracket braces?

The actual ceramic brackets never stain, but that doesn't mean it isn't resistant to discoloration. Avoid eating deeply colored foods as much as possible (wine, coffee, tomato juice) as these have dark pigments which causes the brackets to stain. Meet our Dr. Shiney George, DDS

Can you drink coffee while wearing these?

Yes, but remember that coffee has dark pigments that can stain the brackets and bands of your braces. If you choose to drink coffee, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash afterward.

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