Tobacco is the worst thing that you can inhale. It not only cause grave health issues pertaining to your lungs, but can also damage the teeth and degrade their overall health.

Majorly, when you smoke a cigarette, the first thing it does is block your mouth’s ability to fight the infectious bacteria or viruses. This is akin to lowering down the protective shield. As a result, you won’t be able to fight these infections, in turn, paving the way for the accumulation of bacteria and leading to plaque.

The end result of this plaque and bacteria ravaging your mouth includes:

Tooth Staining:

The first of many signs which indicate smoking is the yellow color of teeth. The chemical make-up of tobacco is such that it will stick the tooth enamel and resulting in discoloration. You can go for the teeth whitening treatments, but if smoking continues unchecked, discoloration becomes a permanent trait.

Bad Breath:

No matter how many fresh mints you take, the foul smell of a cigarette burning stays with you the whole time. Initially, it fades away. It may cause trouble when you meet someone new, as bad breath will surely make for a bad first impression and as it is famously said, “First impression is the last impression”.

With regular smoking, there is tooth decay, a possibility of the onslaught of gum disease and oral sores. These issues make the foul smell stick for a longer time. Bad breath is totally treatable, but only if smoking is ceased and you visit a dentist.

Gum Disease:

Researchers have found that due to smoking the incidence of suffering from gum disease increases if you are a smoker. A non-smoker, however, has less probability of suffering from such problems.

The more you smoke lesser will be the effect of any treatment applied to cure you from this problem. Hence, you should not waste away your health due to smoking and land into other health problems alongside. One such example is the incidence of Periodontitis. This is the most severe form of gum disease in which gum tissue and the bone structure which holds together your teeth starts deteriorating and the result is tooth loss or extraction.

Delayed Healing:

Smoking has multiple adverse effects on the body and one of them is the deterioration of the teeth’s health and your jaw’s structure. The success of treatment for the teeth problems decreases progressively if you do not quit smoking. There is only as much a dentist can do to help you if you are not able to understand the risks of continuous smoking on your teeth.

Oral Cancer:

Do you seriously want to waste the gift of life by smoking it away? Oral Cancer will lead to fading away your life just as the smoke coming out from your mouth vanishes in the thin air.

Oral Cancer is the worst form of life-threatening condition that you can suffer from due to smoking. It begins as a small issue in the mouth like red or white spots emerging, then there is difficulty in chewing, you can experience numbness in the jaws, difficulty to swallow. Even recurrent ear aches are also a symptom of Oral Cancer. While there are other conditions associated with all these symptoms, but sooner Cancer is detected and that is the moment when you will regret smoking for all these years.

But hear that, if it is detected on time, Oral Cancer can be treated. Our team is here to help you preserve your oral health.

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