Dentures – What Can I Eat?

Dentures can restore your oral functionality as well as your smile. However, despite not being natural they can be considered as part of your body. You can expect you will be able to use them similarly as your natural teeth. In order to avoid damage, you should be watching carefully what you eat when you are wearing them. Here are a couple of short lists of items which you should be careful about eating and items that should be avoided completely.

Foods You Should Be Careful with — you must be careful or you should try to avoid eating:

  • Acidic foods – prime examples are citrus fruits and juices.
  • Sugary foods — avoiding overly sweetened foods is recommended.
  • Dehydrating foods — dehydration is dangerous for the acrylic in your false teeth.
  • Avoiding liquor, coffee, tea, is also recommended.

Foods Stay Away from Absolutely.

  • Nuts and Seeds — nuts and seeds and physically cause harm to them. Avoiding fruits with seeds such as guava will be a better option.
  • Hard To Chew Foods — underdone steaks, popcorn, dry fruits, Etc.
  • Hard Candy — of all types.

Your dental prosthesis need to be looked after by the dentist or specialist. Their life can be prolonged by providing good care because it will make things easier for you. However, the following points must be considered.

  • They are exposed to deposits of food particles when eating. Therefore you are advised to always remove and rinse them after eating.
  • Acrylic is used to make them and therefore they can be quite brittle. They have the potential to break or crack if you happen to drop them accidentally. In either of these cases, it will render them non-repairable and unusable. You must, therefore, handle them carefully optionally over a towel.
  • You must clean your mouth immediately after removing them. Anything left in the mouth will remain below the dentures and cause infections.
  • You must brush them at least once every day to ensure they are always maintained clean.
  • They must be stored in a soaking solution or clean water when they are removed at night. Failure to do so will cause them to dry up and warp. Thereafter they will no longer fit snugly in your mouth.
  • If you have been keeping them in a soaking solution you should rinse them before you put them back in your mouth.

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